Skin Growth Removal

Skin Growth Removal


In oversimplified terms there are only 4 ways to remove a benign (non-cancerous) skin growth:

1) Cauterization (using heat): appropriate for small harmless lesions such as cherry angiomas.
2) Cryotherapy (using cold liquid nitrogen): appropriate for harmless lesions such as warts and maturity spots.
3) Laser treatment
4) Biopsy or Surgery: to cut the lesion and submit the specimen to the pathology lab for evaluation under the microscope. Dr. Heidi considers this to be the only appropriate way to remove moles as there is currently no clinical way to guarantee a pigmented (or non-pigmented) lesion is not melanoma or a bad mole at risk for melanoma.

If you have any questions about removing a spot make an appointment with Dr. Heidi to discuss.

An image of Dr. Heidi performing a skin growth removal on a patients right cheek.

*Actual patient of Dr. Heidi and this picture was used with patient's permission