Insurance & Payment

Direct Care, Direct Pay: 

 We are a self-pay practice. This means we serve our patients directly instead of serving third party insurance companies. We do accept MediCare, as indicated below.

Our pricing is more transparent, upfront, and reasonable. You will know what your visit will cost ahead of time. Your comprehensive visit includes a full examination, discussion of treatment plan, necessary laboratory orders and prescriptions (for which you can still use your insurance), as well as one minor medically necessary dermatological procedure deemed necessary by your physician (i.e., one simple skin biopsy or destruction of a lesion with cryrotherapy). If additional procedures need to be performed during your visit, we will let you know before performing the procedure what the additional charge would be.

You can still use insurance to pay for prescriptions and lab tests. However, we may be able to dispense low-cost medications directly from our office and/or order blood tests for you at a very low cost.


New Patient Visits:

Comprehensive Skin Consultations $250

Inclusive of Skin Exam, Treatment recommendations, and One minor procedure (deemed medically necessary by Dr. Heidi ) included.


This service includes a comprehensive skin evaluation of all skin diseases OR a full body skin cancer screening evaluation. A comprehensive written treatment plan for you to refer back to after you leave the office. Paper or electronic prescriptions. One procedure is included in initial visit if Dr. Heidi recommends it as necessary. This procedure may be one biopsy or one cryotherapy. 

Please know that, at times, we cannot offer a full body skin screening if you have an active rash/skin disease. We may ask you to return after your skin disease has improved.

*If an additional biopsy or procedure is performed there will be additional charge. However, any charges will be explained prior to performing any procedures. Cosmetic procedures are not included in this visit, only medical procedures deemed necessary for your health are considered.


Short Visits  - $150

Limited to one issue; such as acne visits, wart visits, etc 


Cryotherapy - $100

Shave Biopsy - $150

Punch Biopsy - $250

Skin Surgery - $450 - $1,200 (fees depend on type of procedure and are discussed at the time of consultation)

*Pathology specimens are sent to an outside board-certified dermatopathologits. Pathology fees are charged separately by the outside lab. This charge can be directly charged to you by the lab or can submit your payment on your behalf on the day of your service.


Tele-dermatology Visits-

New Visits $150

Follow Up Visits $100   

You will be able to do your visits from the comfort of your home. This allows afterhours and weekend visits which is so beneficial to our busy lives and to school-aged children. You can log into these visits from anywhere in the world.


Cosmetic Sessions:

Cosmetic Consultations - $150

This consultation includes a comprehensive cosmetic evaluation of concerning areas. Available cosmetic procedures that may benefit you will be discussed and a comprehensive written treatment plan will be provided to you. Additionally, Dr. Heidi will evaluate your current skincare regimen and recommend new products if needed. A written step-by-step skincare regimen will also be provided for your reference.


Private Insurance Patients:

For patients with private insurance this means that you will pay our office directly for your care. If desired, you may have a copy of your note and charges (“super bill”) to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement for out-of-network services. Please be advised that you may or may not be reimbursed for out-of-network visits, depending on your insurance contract. Also, please be advised that this is a one-time complimentary preparation of documents for your insurance and we will not be able to provide additional documentation or engage in negotiations with your insurance.  

Medicare Patients:

We are participating providers of the Medicare program.  Patients are responsible for meeting their annual deductible and paying for the 20% co-payment. We do not file with secondary /supplemental carriers and you will be responsible for the balance. The balance after Medicare pays will be charged to your credit card on file and you will be provided with a receipt.


We do not accept Medi-Cal or HMO plans. Your entire balance is due at the time of service. 

Cancellation/No-show Policy:

In order for us to see you in an efficient manner, we depend on you to be prompt. Missed appointments cause scheduling and time allocation problems and also denies another patient timely access to our office. If you cannot keep an appointment, we kindly request you cancel with at least one business day’s notice. Therefore, you will be charged a no-show fee of $50 if an appointment is not cancelled one business day in advance. In addition, if you arrive more than 15 minutes after the appointment time, we may need to reschedule. Since we allocate a more extensive time for cosmetic and laser procedures, the no-show fee will be calculated $50 per each 30-minute increment of your total appointment time.