Vanity Consult

Are you frustrated by not knowing how to choose the best over-the-counter products for your skin? Would you prefer a board-certified dermatologist recommend which products you should buy? If yes, then this service is for you! Dr. Heidi believes that there are great over-the-counter products and that, if used correctly, can yield significant improvement in most people.


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On a mission to save women from wasting their time and money on skincare that does not work, Dr. Heidi has created a virtual program where she will personally help you go through your vanity and separate effective products from others. She will also help you choose new over-the-counter products will help you shine!

*Dr. Heidi strongly believes that skin, like any other of our organs, can be healthy or sick. When it is healthy, you need to maintain with simple and effective skincare regimen. But when skin becomes diseased, you need to seek help from a board-certified physician in a CLINIC or HEALTHCARE FACILITY for a proper diagnosis and treatment. These consults are not a substitution for medical visits. These virtual program is a non-medical program designed for using over-the-counter products that everyone can freely use. There is no skin examination including in this visit and Dr. Heidi will not provide any medical evaluation or recommendations. If you have a skin condition or disease, you MUST see a board-certified physician in person for proper evaluation and treatment.

*This service is not a medical service. Dr Heidi will not be evaluating or diagnosing your skin in any form.

This service is open to anyone in the country or around the globe.

You can request an appointment online. This will secure a 25 min time for you to talk to Dr. Heidi via Skype.

During this visit you will have a chance to discuss the over-the counter products you have been using and even discuss the ingredients with Dr. Heidi. She will ask you questions to get to know your skin type and your desired time and budget to dedicate to skin care. Based upon those discussions, she will put together a skin care program for you, making best use of some of the products, or recommend products to incorporate into your regimen.